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The School of Technological Entrepreneurship (STE)
The School of Technological Entrepreneurship is the nation's first stand-alone school providing real-world experience to ensure today's aspiring entrepreneur is driving tomorrow's technological innovation.

Innovative entrepreneurial initiatives position the School of Technological Entrepreneurship in the lead in experiential learning and technology commercialization. STE curriculum offers a Master of Science in Technological Entrepreneurship, a Graduate Certificate program, and supporting an undergraduate minor.

I-Cubators are idea incubators and Northeastern University’s newest thrust in experiential learning and technology commercialization. Operating through the School of Technological Entrepreneurship, I-Cubators comprise teams of students, faculty and dedicated professional staff in focus areas whose purpose is to further develop technology, create product prototypes, evaluate markets and customer needs, and create fundable business plans.

The process for idea capture, through vetting, to enterprise formation is shown in the figure below.

Two I-cubator focus areas have been established in 2007, each led by an experienced entrepreneur with keen domain expertise (I-cubator Directors). The Digital Media and the Information Assurance & Security I-cubators have already vetted close to a dozen innovative technology ideas and are actively engaged in commercializing two businesses.

The EntreTech Forum
The EntreTech Forum featuring academic research and entrepreneurial accomplishments along commercialization and tech transfer from the university and industry…continues Northeastern’s Innovative entrepreneurial initiatives. This Forum with its public reach and access helps to aggregate: technology research from multiple sources, entrepreneurial resources, business collaboration and partnering, and the process of commercialization within an independent setting for reception, collaboration and investiture by University and Forum audience.



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