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Are you future-ready?

The future has arrived. It’s already at your doorstep.

Are you ready for it?

Your answer will make or break your future. It’s not a cliche. It’s a fact. Here is why.

Until recently, you could rely on the past. It was a good indicator of the future.

Except, when you look at the future now, there is nothing in the past on it to guide you. There are no maps or references that you could use.

A brand new tomorrow is here. It is changing everything.

Are you future-ready?

This talk will explore what does it mean to be future-ready as individuals.

Are you future-ready’ is based on a forthcoming book by the same title.

SPEAKER: Aseem Prakash


Aseem Prakash works as a global futurist at Center for Innovating the Future, a strategy innovation lab based in Toronto, Canada. His work involves preparing companies for the future and creating actionable strategies to profit from it.

At age 20, Aseem earned his MBA from Kurukshetra University, India. At age 27, he was the youngest executive working in a regional role (Asia-Pacific) at a US-based technology company, Unisys.

Aseem has worked in various roles with different types of organizations across multiple industries in 12+ countries in Asia-Pacific and North America. He has lived in India, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, US and Canada.

Aseem is the architect of a program called “Becoming Future-Ready”. It develops the next foundation of success for people, business and nations. Recently, Aseem worked in a project providing actionable intelligence - data insights - to one of the top three highest valued startups in the world. The project covered 40 countries.





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